We’ve all done it. We have all been products of it. It’s probably safe to assume that we all still do it whether we know it or not.

You know when have an expectation for someone, some preconceived thought that you believe someone else is going to attain. Then you don’t tell the person that expectation because the whole reason it is there is because you believe it to be within them; perhaps part of their character. The question is once these dominoes are set up and the first one begins to tip how will you respond?

“I’m so frustrated she didn’t…”

“I’m so angry he didn’t ask me about…”

Unmet expectations are a reality of our reality. They’re real! Were you wrong to think highly of their character or personality? Even with our young ones it’s easy to feel these expectations.

“I expect more from you because I know what you can do”

If they are real, and essentially come from a positive point of view about the other person then are we setting them up to fall or to rise to that quality? It seems the intention is the latter, at least it sound like a more acceptable practice. The problem is they inevitably fall and we inevitably get disappointed. So how do we prevent the dominoes from falling, to put an end to this game?

Feel the gap

Communication is the key to every relationship. I communicated expectation is less likely to be an unmet expectation

Lift them up

We all fall down, even from our own expectations so when one of the pieces in our life falls or gets knocked over pick them up, make it a point to raise them up so they know it is not your heart to watch them fall.

Remember Their Value

Although we’re all acustom to setting up dominoes and watching them fall, it’s probably a good reminder that it was never their intended purpose #newReality. They have dots on them for a reason and it’s for a great purpose then being lined up and knocked down. This is also true of every individual in your life. Remember their value and you may then be a reminder to them of their own, and then you can be a friend they can lean on. #leanOnMe

Realationships are more then blocks and dots, but sometime the simple can help us make sense of the complex.