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Our journal through our journey of parenting; lessons learned and then shared with contrasting views from a husband and wife perspective

Diary of Reflective Kids

Journaling has been such a vital tool for both Nick and I, especially in the last few years as we’ve grown to appreciate the art of reflection and meditation. Thanks to journaling, I have tangible proof of growth when I can look back and read how far I’ve come with my own insecurities and personal growth in literally every area. The few minutes it takes to put pen to paper has proved to be such a great investment! Keeping a journal has helped us learn how to set goals, organize our thoughts, create inspiration, and reduce stress (woo!).

We’ve given our boys their own notebooks in the past, but what we’ve found is that it’s easier to do something new with clear direction. That’s why Nick created this template for them to use – and they’re actually using it! I think now more than ever we want to encourage our kids to write, not just because they are going to be out of school for an indefinite amount of time, but because this might help them process and cope during what can be potentially be a stressful season. 

Please download and let us know what you think! We hope this is worth your kid’s time as well!

Daily Youth Journal

A Letter to the Medium Man

Kids are unique. We all know that, and still I catch myself trying to put each one in a category (birth order, introvert/extrovert, easy/expert level, glue-eater, etc), and “train them up” the same way. Sometimes we all get stuck “in the middle,” and I know I need that refresher that reminds me each one of my kids are bright individuals with different passions, goals, and personalities and will need individualized discipline, communication and even celebrations (we have one party animal and one house mouse). 😉 Here’s a letter we gave our “middle child” on his birthday to celebrate his journey of avoiding that middle life.


Your Daddy and I don’t know what it’s like being the middle child; Daddy is the first born in his family and I’m the baby in mine. We grew up with a different vantage point than you. Based on our formal research, (television shows), the middle child is often the one who has to fight for attention, follows in their older sibling’s footsteps, and is often overshadowed by the baby.download

But you, Logan, you have redefined what being the “middle child” is all about.

As your Mommy, I don’t see you as the forgotten kid, because you have such a unique, sweet, and serving personality that makes you shine with your big brother and baby sister. Instead of just following in David’s footsteps, you support your older brother and have become his lifelong built in best friend. The way you anticipate your sister’s needs can never be overlooked; you were made to be her big brother.

You’ll never have to fight for attention, because of Christ in your heart, He sees you and is with you even at times when we can’t be.

So now that you are entering your 6th year of life, we wanted to share 6 things we love about you:

1. You are Funny – I don’t know other kids who can pick up impressions like you or throw in the funniest joke when we least expect it. You keep us smiling with your silly and cheeky personality!
(“A cheerful heart is good medicine” -Proverbs 17:22)

2. You are Compassionate – How many times have you asked how I was feeling, or brought someone an ice pack? I can’t keep track, because your intuition to help others is who you are. You see needs that even as a Mommy I might miss. I know I can count on you to give a hug when it’s most needed, and you seem to identify with other people hurting.
(“Put on then, a compassionate heart” -Colossians 3:12)

3. Your Faith is Cool – It’s so neat to see how you are making your belief in Jesus your own. I love to hear your prayers that God would protect your family, (especially from scorpions), and you trust that Jesus will be with you when you are scared. You are not afraid to grow your faith, asking questions that are bigger than you to get the answers your heart needs.

4. You are a Friend – You’re a friend to everyone! Even before you know their names! You are a friend to the friendless, and you know how to include others in to the group. To have friends, you have to be a friend, and you sir, are a friend for sure!

5. You are Genuine – You have the most open heart and have a way of making people feel comfortable by truly loving them. Some people grow up hiding parts of themselves from others, afraid of how people will think of them, but you are 100%, one of a kind, yourself!

6. You Understand Family – You’re definitely a family man! I know you are shaping to be a young man who will someday lead his own family. The way you value family is wise, your test will be to never lose that quality. Its a good thing you are in the middle because you can practice being the glue that holds a family together.

So Logan, even though you’re the Medium Man in our family, remember that like you once told me, at Starbucks you’re a GRANDE! You’ve embraced the middle-ness and made it larger, greater, taller, and awesomer!

Love Beyond Words,
Mommy and Daddy

Coffee, Pray, Repeat

Why did I break down and cry after getting this free Dutch bros today? Was it because this mommy is once again worn out and the precious coffee people took mercy on me? Or maybe it was because the Lord knew I would need to know He loves me and sees this “Mombie” trying to function on two hours of sleep? Probably both.

You see, I seem to forget how hard it is to raise a toddler, and this time I was blessed with the “she never sleeps,” kid. Thanks, Jesus.  I know David and Logan were babies once and had their difficulties too, but now they sleep like happy little logs, and I think God graciously allowed me to forget their trying times so we would keep having kids. ? So we keep breeding, and I keep running to social media to vent about it all as if something new is happening, except this time I’m writing to myself and to you all because I know there’s a lesson here….

In the midst of my complaining, joking, venting, and humorous retelling of my night-capades with Aria, I’m forgetting that the more I invest worry in this one area of her little life, the further I am from seeing the big picture. Even with children, God never gives us more than we can handle without Him.

I’ll be the first to admit it, having kids is HARD. Why do I ever expect anything less? Completely worthwhile and awesome, but So. Much. Work. Why is that? Because pressure makes diamond (no wonder labor is so intense). In order to mold, shape, and craft these precious people, it takes all of me, my blood, sweat, tears, and other forms of liquid. It’s about putting focus beyond their physical and behavioral needs, consistently building trust, commitment and reassurance that I will always be there for them in the middle of the night, just like my Heavenly Father is for me each time I cry out to Him.

Jesus has reminded me over and over that my children are exactly who I was equipped to raise. Sleep issues and all. And yes, God can move mountains and give us peaceful nights, but having Aria has stretched me to see grace through the bags under my eyes. She helps me grow confidence in knowing each child is wildly different and I’m going to just have to do my best and stop looking across the playground at the other babies playing perfectly. It’s never a good idea to take my eyes off of Aria anyway.

“My children are exactly who I was equipped to raise”

Our kids are the ones we prayed for (technically, David was an accident, but we still like him), rejoiced over, and I get to stay up with them at night and breathe in the scent of a real miracle and blessing. If I look closely, Aria sleeps as much as her busy mamma does and that scares me a little. I think this means I will be chasing her ambitious heart like my mom chased mine.

So to the other tired moms out there, I raise a coffee-brimmed glass to you and am remembering that today I will put on LOVE, not disappointment that my life isn’t perfect, I will pull on COMPASSION, along with yoga pants because skinny jeans with buttons are too much work (and not as nice). I will lather PATIENCE, and lots of deodorant because I didn’t have time to shower…again. And that’s okay. For now, I have all I need for today…and hopefully tonight. And if you hear me complaining, just smile and tell me “It is well.”

“Therefore, God’s chosen ones, holy and loved, put on heartfelt compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience, accepting one another and forgiving one another if anyone has a complaint against another. Just as the Lord has forgiven you, so you must also forgive. Above all, put on love—the perfect bond of unity. And let the peace of the Messiah, to which you were also called in one body, control your hearts. Be thankful.” -Colossians 3:12-15 HCSB

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