As someone who has dealt with depression in the past, I know how anxious times can create dips in our mood. (Normally I love dip, but not this kind). I’ve heard from you recently via the interwebs and phone calls – you’re confused, you’re scared, alone, out of toilet paper, the owner of 30 cans of ravioli with no desire to eat any. Whatever you’re feeling, please allow me to offer a few words of encouragement and steps to avoid downward spiraling before the Corona-crazy of social distancing really sets in. In all reality, life will be harder. We will not be able to control what happens on the outside, but perhaps we can protect ourselves from complete self-destruction in our homes.

The coronavirus does not change God’s promises – it won’t diminish the potential you have

2020 is supposed to be the “Year of Vision,” and I want to see a fresh perspective from God on our current situation. During this time I have felt the need to stay realistic but hopeful. Informed, yet positive. Sound impossible? It kind of is at times! Here’s the thing – this is an unprecedented time, but we have an Unstoppable God! He is showing me that beyond my need to stay woke, I need to TRUST Him (Ps. 9:10). Trust in His sovereignty. Trust that God still has a future and a hope for me, and for you! The coronavirus does not change God’s promises – it won’t diminish the potential you have. COVID-19 can’t limit the growth you will experience or the depths where God will take you.


Friend, God is with you now, and will complete the work He started in you.

  • He will provide for you!
  • He will stretch you!
  • He will refine you!
  • He will hear you!
  • He will show up in ways you never thought possible!

He will draw near to you, as you tune into Him and tune out the chaos (Ps. 34:18).

Social distancing can still be a time to connect, to grow, to love and serve others, to go beyond buildings, and to test the boundaries of community.

Impossible starts with possible steps

This is also a time to grieve our losses, and beyond acceptance, surrender them to a God who sees, cares, protects, knows, heals, and prospers us. So. While you are on your journey to trust and surrender, allow me to share the things I follow DAILY to keep myself from those low, low places. 


Yes, sleep in once in a while, snuggle way way more right now, but don’t knock the beauty of routine. Set a time for YOURSELF (yes, you Mama) and keep it on the regular. If you’re feeling off, you might just be off your routine. 


My best mornings look like this:

  1. Wake up / drink my pre-workout (Mommy Crack:Energize)
  2. Read devo/personal development book of choice
  3. Journal thoughts of gratitude
  4. Make short list of 3 – 5 things I will accomplish that day
  5. Push play (virtual gym for the #quarantine win!)

My best mornings/nights look like this:

  1. 10 min shower of prayer/meditation and stretching
  2. Planning and prioritizing my time for the day
  3. Reading/Audiobook
  4. Journal/Reflection time before bed


Working out has become one area I cherish, not because I dream of abs, but because I infuse my faith with my fitness! This combination is more beautiful than peanut butter and chocolate (and that’s saying a lot for me)! During workouts I listen to worship, podcasts, teachings, or just giving thanks for the gift of movement!


Drink ALL the water (hopefully you have a Brita or filter)! Water is essential for life, and your well-being. Drink half of your weight, yes, you’ll run to the bathroom more, but that’s just burning extra calories – you’re welcome! 


I love to laugh! Find joy in life, and learn to laugh at even the frustrating things, it beats crying all the time, lol! 

Serve Others

Acting outside of myself and serving people really takes my focus off my own worries. Call an extroverted friend who is hating this social distancing, find out if your elderly neighbor needs a grocery run, or post encouragement for others to read! Ask me how you can help! When you give, I promise you also gain! 


A heart of gratitude knows SO MUCH JOY! What a blessing it is to serve others through the sacrifice of freedoms right now. Let’s take inventory every day of our blessings and teach this to our children.

Friends, I know this season just started, but let’s not let it overtake or discourage us. Even in an unprecedented season, can we disinvite fear and choose to trust and surrender daily to the God of Possible?

It might just be #worthit.