Globally 2020 is one for the history books, I’m convinced they will define the next generation by the impact of COVID-19 and the myriad of misplaced expectations that came with it. Everyone’s experience was both collective & shared, yet very unique and isolated. No one had the foresight to see what 2020 would bring, but because of it we will likely all see the future differently. What a paradox to live in, curse and blessing, sorrow and hope, pain and beauty.

Personally I practice perspective because one thing life has never lied to me about is that there is always a story outside of my circumstance. So even when I only see defeat I will look for victory. During difficult seasons I may only experience pain, I will tell stories of peace because I know an amazing Author.

My passion for people has led me to live in the crowd of company; extraverted by nature I want to be where the people are and I want to serve them in a way that reminds them of the love of God that He showed me. Unexpectedly, 2020 has been a nudge from my Father to focus on “me”. To take IN what He has for me without the expectation to then pour OUT something before it has nourished my soul.

As with all misplaced expectations, this was full of conflict, but again I choose to read about opportunity. Rather than emphasizing Saul’s pursuit of David, I highlighted God’s protection and favor over him. Your heart will inevitably believe what you focus on. So in a year that forced many into social media outlets, I found myself more disconnected and uniformed than ever before. Yet even in the midst of uncertainty I felt grounded in Gods’ firm grip of my life.

2020 has given me a new appreciation for my introvert friends, I definitely think they hold some of the secrets to a well-lived life. At this point in my life, books have a much larger influence on me and I’m grateful for authors like John Mark Comer, Cal Newport, Chip and Dan Heath, Priya Parker, Adam Grant and Neal Shusterman. Additionally, I wouldn’t see the world as I do today without leaders like Craig Groeshel, John Maxwell, Patrick Lencioni, Steven Furtick, Micheal Todd, Simon Sinek, Lin Manuel Miranda, Crawford Loritts, Del Tacket, and Levi Lusko.

Finally, I wouldn’t be whole if it wasn’t for the support of so many around me, but specifically a few that I would be remiss to not call out, my family (the heartbeat for who I am), Mark Bennet (a leader in the most important way), Ryan & Bekah (redefining the power of friendship), Curtis, Rodney, Adrian, Jessie, Jordan, Devaughn, Manny, Zach, Matt, Angel, and Nathan (you men share your life with me and let me share mine with you, one of the greatest blessings I have), and lastly but above them all, in a category and class of her own, my wife has been more than God had promised when He said that she would be a “helper.”

Andrea Worth has inspired influenced and shaped me more than any person in the world, her love for God and others has awaken in me a selfless desire to do and give more than I would have ever imagined. She leads me to be everything God intended, and when I think that is too much, she holds my hand and reminds me that we are doing it together.

“He who finds a good wife finds a good thing”

Proverbs 18:22


And, husbands, if you do have one, take care of her, she’s a gift from God.

In summary, 2020 has a lot to teach us about ourselves, so take a minute before it’s over and consider the lessons before the next semester kicks off.