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2020 Personal Reflection Message

Globally 2020 is one for the history books, I’m convinced they will define the next generation by the impact of COVID-19 and the myriad of misplaced expectations that came with it. Everyone’s experience was both collective & shared, yet very unique and isolated. No one had the foresight to see what 2020 would bring, but because of it we will likely all see the future differently. What a paradox to live in, curse and blessing, sorrow and hope, pain and beauty.

Personally I practice perspective because one thing life has never lied to me about is that there is always a story outside of my circumstance. So even when I only see defeat I will look for victory. During difficult seasons I may only experience pain, I will tell stories of peace because I know an amazing Author.

My passion for people has led me to live in the crowd of company; extraverted by nature I want to be where the people are and I want to serve them in a way that reminds them of the love of God that He showed me. Unexpectedly, 2020 has been a nudge from my Father to focus on “me”. To take IN what He has for me without the expectation to then pour OUT something before it has nourished my soul.

As with all misplaced expectations, this was full of conflict, but again I choose to read about opportunity. Rather than emphasizing Saul’s pursuit of David, I highlighted God’s protection and favor over him. Your heart will inevitably believe what you focus on. So in a year that forced many into social media outlets, I found myself more disconnected and uniformed than ever before. Yet even in the midst of uncertainty I felt grounded in Gods’ firm grip of my life.

2020 has given me a new appreciation for my introvert friends, I definitely think they hold some of the secrets to a well-lived life. At this point in my life, books have a much larger influence on me and I’m grateful for authors like John Mark Comer, Cal Newport, Chip and Dan Heath, Priya Parker, Adam Grant and Neal Shusterman. Additionally, I wouldn’t see the world as I do today without leaders like Craig Groeshel, John Maxwell, Patrick Lencioni, Steven Furtick, Micheal Todd, Simon Sinek, Lin Manuel Miranda, Crawford Loritts, Del Tacket, and Levi Lusko.

Finally, I wouldn’t be whole if it wasn’t for the support of so many around me, but specifically a few that I would be remiss to not call out, my family (the heartbeat for who I am), Mark Bennet (a leader in the most important way), Ryan & Bekah (redefining the power of friendship), Curtis, Rodney, Adrian, Jessie, Jordan, Devaughn, Manny, Zach, Matt, Angel, and Nathan (you men share your life with me and let me share mine with you, one of the greatest blessings I have), and lastly but above them all, in a category and class of her own, my wife has been more than God had promised when He said that she would be a “helper.”

Andrea Worth has inspired influenced and shaped me more than any person in the world, her love for God and others has awaken in me a selfless desire to do and give more than I would have ever imagined. She leads me to be everything God intended, and when I think that is too much, she holds my hand and reminds me that we are doing it together.

“He who finds a good wife finds a good thing”

Proverbs 18:22


And, husbands, if you do have one, take care of her, she’s a gift from God.

In summary, 2020 has a lot to teach us about ourselves, so take a minute before it’s over and consider the lessons before the next semester kicks off.

Diary of Reflective Kids

Journaling has been such a vital tool for both Nick and I, especially in the last few years as we’ve grown to appreciate the art of reflection and meditation. Thanks to journaling, I have tangible proof of growth when I can look back and read how far I’ve come with my own insecurities and personal growth in literally every area. The few minutes it takes to put pen to paper has proved to be such a great investment! Keeping a journal has helped us learn how to set goals, organize our thoughts, create inspiration, and reduce stress (woo!).

We’ve given our boys their own notebooks in the past, but what we’ve found is that it’s easier to do something new with clear direction. That’s why Nick created this template for them to use – and they’re actually using it! I think now more than ever we want to encourage our kids to write, not just because they are going to be out of school for an indefinite amount of time, but because this might help them process and cope during what can be potentially be a stressful season. 

Please download and let us know what you think! We hope this is worth your kid’s time as well!

Daily Youth Journal

Unprecedented Times are not Impossible Times

As someone who has dealt with depression in the past, I know how anxious times can create dips in our mood. (Normally I love dip, but not this kind). I’ve heard from you recently via the interwebs and phone calls – you’re confused, you’re scared, alone, out of toilet paper, the owner of 30 cans of ravioli with no desire to eat any. Whatever you’re feeling, please allow me to offer a few words of encouragement and steps to avoid downward spiraling before the Corona-crazy of social distancing really sets in. In all reality, life will be harder. We will not be able to control what happens on the outside, but perhaps we can protect ourselves from complete self-destruction in our homes.

The coronavirus does not change God’s promises – it won’t diminish the potential you have

2020 is supposed to be the “Year of Vision,” and I want to see a fresh perspective from God on our current situation. During this time I have felt the need to stay realistic but hopeful. Informed, yet positive. Sound impossible? It kind of is at times! Here’s the thing – this is an unprecedented time, but we have an Unstoppable God! He is showing me that beyond my need to stay woke, I need to TRUST Him (Ps. 9:10). Trust in His sovereignty. Trust that God still has a future and a hope for me, and for you! The coronavirus does not change God’s promises – it won’t diminish the potential you have. COVID-19 can’t limit the growth you will experience or the depths where God will take you.


Friend, God is with you now, and will complete the work He started in you.

  • He will provide for you!
  • He will stretch you!
  • He will refine you!
  • He will hear you!
  • He will show up in ways you never thought possible!

He will draw near to you, as you tune into Him and tune out the chaos (Ps. 34:18).

Social distancing can still be a time to connect, to grow, to love and serve others, to go beyond buildings, and to test the boundaries of community.

Impossible starts with possible steps

This is also a time to grieve our losses, and beyond acceptance, surrender them to a God who sees, cares, protects, knows, heals, and prospers us. So. While you are on your journey to trust and surrender, allow me to share the things I follow DAILY to keep myself from those low, low places. 


Yes, sleep in once in a while, snuggle way way more right now, but don’t knock the beauty of routine. Set a time for YOURSELF (yes, you Mama) and keep it on the regular. If you’re feeling off, you might just be off your routine. 


My best mornings look like this:

  1. Wake up / drink my pre-workout (Mommy Crack:Energize)
  2. Read devo/personal development book of choice
  3. Journal thoughts of gratitude
  4. Make short list of 3 – 5 things I will accomplish that day
  5. Push play (virtual gym for the #quarantine win!)

My best mornings/nights look like this:

  1. 10 min shower of prayer/meditation and stretching
  2. Planning and prioritizing my time for the day
  3. Reading/Audiobook
  4. Journal/Reflection time before bed


Working out has become one area I cherish, not because I dream of abs, but because I infuse my faith with my fitness! This combination is more beautiful than peanut butter and chocolate (and that’s saying a lot for me)! During workouts I listen to worship, podcasts, teachings, or just giving thanks for the gift of movement!


Drink ALL the water (hopefully you have a Brita or filter)! Water is essential for life, and your well-being. Drink half of your weight, yes, you’ll run to the bathroom more, but that’s just burning extra calories – you’re welcome! 


I love to laugh! Find joy in life, and learn to laugh at even the frustrating things, it beats crying all the time, lol! 

Serve Others

Acting outside of myself and serving people really takes my focus off my own worries. Call an extroverted friend who is hating this social distancing, find out if your elderly neighbor needs a grocery run, or post encouragement for others to read! Ask me how you can help! When you give, I promise you also gain! 


A heart of gratitude knows SO MUCH JOY! What a blessing it is to serve others through the sacrifice of freedoms right now. Let’s take inventory every day of our blessings and teach this to our children.

Friends, I know this season just started, but let’s not let it overtake or discourage us. Even in an unprecedented season, can we disinvite fear and choose to trust and surrender daily to the God of Possible?

It might just be #worthit.

In order to help you with your yearly reflections, we’ve begun to compile a workbook of documents to help you get started. Each document includes an objective and a set of instructions to help you understand how we use the document, but feel free to adapt each in your own way. Currently we only have a few documents that we’ve prepared, but during our process this year we intend to add more so look for more to come.

With that said, check out our Year End Development Workbook and let us know what you think in the comments below. Also, check us out on Instagram and share how you are preparing for the best year

Yearly Reflections For 20/20 Vision

Every year our family looks forward to moments of rest, and times of reflection. What better time is there for this than when we turn the page from one year to the next? It’s in these occasions that we define family values & goals as we strive to walk worthy and live fully. As with anything, this requires intentionality. So one thing we do at the end of each year is review the past months together and make plans for a future that is worth all the effort.

Not to paint the wrong picture, please know that this is something that has evolved each year so by no means have we figured it out. Even so, as we’ve talked about our process with people, we’ve been asked to share our ideas so that others can initiate a similar concept within their families. So this year we wanted to publish version 1 of our End of the Year Development Plan; a framework for putting perspective into your future and past.


As the year winds down there are 3 steps we do to wrap the year in a bow and prepare for what’s ahead. Simply put, we go through some Preparations, Reflections, and Goals which I will go on to explain. Andrea and I like to take two weeks off to work through these things at a comfortable pace (the last week of the year and the first of the next); although in the past we found we still run out of time so we’ve even consider running this exercise every quarter. As you consider implementing these ideas, just know that the best way is to be intentional and frame expectations that fit for your circumstances.

1. Preparations

Preparations are the actions taken to decompress, declutter, and determine the key focus points for the upcoming year.

This is the first step towards the progress you want to make. From this should result many reflections from the current year(s). Some observations should be noted to celebrate while others may be critically considered in order to align with future goals.

Momentum happens in moments of action, so the first step towards a great year is to build some forward moving momentum. Preparations should be tasks that you do for yourself, and they should be performed introspectively. For example you might do some deep cleaning around the house, or perhaps just clean and organize your personal space (night stand, shed, desk, etc.). You could listen or read something inspirational (Craig Groelshel). While completing this task do it with your future in mind (i.e. how do I prevent this mess from happening again).

Personally I like to declutter apps from my phone, review my calendar week by week, and organize all my pictures from the year taking note of major milestones.

While I like to catch up on my life that has fallen through the gaps, declutter the house, catch up on laundry, and texting back friends. I also go through my journals and highlight major themes and take note of highs and lows to later reflect on.

The point here is to choose a task that fits you, it should be personally rewarding, realistic, and reflective. Think of this phase as a gathering process, in the end you should have some great things to reflect on in the next step.

2. Reflections

These are the observations made from reflecting on your year.

At this point you’ll want to spend time reflecting on the notes you’ve gathered from your preparations and look for keys to future success while you unpack some of the thoughts you reserved for this time. List and consider relevant statistics by which you might measure success, efficiency, or any other perspective of value (debt paid off, signs of growth, or failed expectations). You can add some type of rating to your remarks if you’d like (-, +, o for negative, positive, or neutral). Include realizations or conclusions that you may have arrived at through the process.

Reflection is the practice of hindsight vision, the more you reflect the more your foresight perspective possesses hindsight wisdom. This step is transformational because from here your thoughts evolve and you can look towards future goals with clarity and insight.

In the past I’ve taken note of the books I read, the projects I completed, and the lessons I’ve learned. During my preparations I might have made some mental notes that I now spend time analyzing and researching for improvement.

I use this as an opportunity to build myself up and reaffirm my identity, after the chaotic Christmas season. This year I wrote 100 things I love about myself and focused on how I can restructure my life to be the mother I aspire to be while pursing my ambitions.

These observations begin framing your goals for the last step and help you to target what is most important to you and why.

3. Goals

These are the priorities that you aim to establish in the coming year(s).

As you near the end of this personal development exercise you should be able to clearly identify the person you want to be in both the short and long term. Therefore, this step is not meant to be a checklist of to-do’s for the next year, rather this is a game plan for becoming the next version of you and positioning yourself to be where you hope to be this time next year. (We are currently working on version 34.0).

A well defined goal has a clearly defined “why” within it. So as you write down your goals (because an unwritten goal is just a wish), ask yourself “why.” Then dig even deeper and ask that “why,” why that is important. If you are honest with yourself here, you will reach conclusions that make what you pursue going forward #worthit.

Andrea and I like to define a word for the year, something that summarizes our goals into a common and single focal point. For 2019 our word was “Pursue,” (even without reflection I can tell you that definitely summarizes our year). Also we made plans to structure our life to fit our goals so that we can reach them; things like date nights, family meetings, budgeting, conferences, sports/activities for the kids, etc…


If you’ve never performed a year-end review then we hope you will consider taking the leap this year. It’s never too early to start somewhere. With that said, this past year we’ve begun inviting our kids into this process. Although their lives are much simpler, there is wisdom to looking at life with perspective – no matter the complexity.

So wherever you are, whether you use our framework or not, we hope you’re encouraged to simply start your journey of reflection and self-development and improve on it year over year so that you can be the Husband/Wife, Father/Mother, Son/Daughter, CoWorker/Colleague, etc. that you can be.

P.S. Here are some resources that we hope help you get started:

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